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Fastwel company: about LHP integration experience

Today we'd like to share the results of our work on integration of Thercon LHPs (loop heat pipes) into Fastwel modules. This is very important and interesting experience of our work with high performance embedded PC modules.

Our review will cover VIM556 (graphic controller module) and CPC518 (CPU module) Comact PCI Serial standard with conductive heat transfer. The modules are used for production of high performance systems that are able to work at stress environment conditions.

Below: what we achieved

We've performed our tests using special stand (picture 1). To evaluate the heat transfer we input the modules into the liquid cooled server box body

Let's start with VIM556

Graphic controller module VIM556 (picture 2) is used for digital information processing and output of graphic data to the monitors. Graphic card of MXM 3.0 standard - NVIDIA Quadra K2100M is integrated into the serially produced module.

Picture 2. Module VIM556RC with conductive heat transfer

Test results:

· lopp heat pipes (LHP) application in the module enabled to install graphic card Quadro P3000 (75Wt) and Quadro P5000 (100Wt) by Nvidia.

· LHP application enabled to lower the module weight for almost 2 times

Tests of CPC518

CPU module CPC518 can be applied in high performance systems that are able to work at stress environment conditions with high reliability and flexibility for different extension interfaces support. CPC518 utilises Intel Xeon D15xx processor. Module energy consumption is 84 Wt

In process of collaboration of Fastwell and Thercon an experimental design conductive heat transfer solution for CPC518RC module was tested (picture 3).

Picture 3. CPC518RC module with conductive heat transfer

Test results:

The experimental radiator showed effectivness of approach to build CPC518RC modules with LHP heat transfer. To test the ability of serial production of CPC518RC a pilot batch has been produced and tested.

We thank our partners for such a broad feedback and we hope for further collaboration!

About Fastwel:

Fastwel is specialized in design and production of high tech equipment for automated systems for integrated and on board systems

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