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Good ICL server test results

Hello, friends! We continue to test servers with different cooling systems. Recently we tested a Russian-built server from ICL, which can work with processors up to 150 watts.

The server operation parameters were compared with a conventional cooling system and a cooling system Thercon (LHP) with collection to the secondary circuit. Conditions: the calculated processor power (on the Intel site) - 85 W, one-hundred percent loading, the temperature of the liquid in the cooling circuit +40 C.


  • when we using Thercon, the temperature on the processors turned out to be 19-25 degrees lower than the standard cooling system.

  • temperature of other server components (according to sensors) with Thercon - 5-10 degrees lower

  • airflow of server fans (cfm) with Thercon - 18% less

  • the temperature of the air emitted by the server with Thercon - lower by 1 degree

General results: the ICL server cooling system based on LHP is much more efficient than the classical one.

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