Loop heat pipes use in cooling systems of various objects has been presented at the seminar

The seminar took place on the 6th of October in Business Communications Development Centre at the premises of “Automatic Equipment Research Centre named after the member of the Academy of Science V.S. Semenikhin”.

The report was delivered by Yury Folievich Maydanik – Doctor of Engineering and academic adviser of Thercon-LHP.

Topic of the report – “Loop heat pipes: Development and Application in Technical Equipment”

The key-note:

Loop heat pipes (LHP) are an ideal thermal connection between a heat source and a heat sink in cooling systems of electronics, computers, avionics, lasers and LED equipment. They are successfully used in both ground and space conditions.

Thercon-LHP experts are sure, the invention and further development of LHP mass production in Russia opens new horizons for practical implementation of loop heat pipes unique possibilities.

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