Participation in the international exhibition and conference PCIM Europe at 16th-18th May, 2017

Thercon - LHP has participated in the international exhibition and conference PCIM Europe at 16th-18th May, 2017 where company presented range of loop heat pipes to the European public.

Negotiations about possible cooperation and use of Thercon LHP were held in different areas:

  • IGBT modules, electric buses;

  • Plutonium reactor heat generation;

  • Thermal control in medical devices;

  • Thermal control for welding machines;

  • Passive heat output in sealed housing for inverters, servers;

  • Power modules – heat sources in dust-proof «server»;

  • Space applications;

  • Heating elements in locomotives.

The exhibition showed the newest products, trends and developments in the power electronics industry. More than 300 presentations on current research and development topics confirmed the exhibition status of one of the most important European platform for discussion in industry and science.  More than 270 international speakers present their opinion about industry’s future and show innovative developments and its practical importance.

The exhibition was productive and it was decided to participate in the exhibition PCIM at 05th-07th June, 2018.

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