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Stress test HP server with Thercon technology

Hello! Today we want to share the results of test HP server (DL360pGen8) with 135 W processors. At first, server was cooled radiators, and then with the Thercon technology to the secondary liquid circuit.

We conducted stress testing - loaded processors at 100% and kept them in this state for more than an hour. The temperature of the liquid in the cooling circuit was +27 degrees (next time we will conduct an experiment at +40), but now you see that the system is operable at this temperature.

What will you see / hear from the video?

  • how the noise level has changed

  • processor temperature

  • reduction in fan speed

  • reduction in energy consumption

The energy savings at the server level amounted to just over 3%. However, this figure can be 10-15% in the case when some of the fans are removed from the system. Follow the news

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