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Testing server IBM.Great result with LHP-technology!

Hello! Today we have a test report on an IBM server with a cooling system based on LHP-technology

We were interested to understand how IBM server will work with our technology. We tested the IBM Power S822L server (which is still one of the leaders in the market of commercial computing, such as calculating online transactions) and developed specifically equipment

During the test, we considered not only the temperature of the cores, but also the speed of the fans.


  • With our technology, you can place additional server equipment in a rack without loss of quality and with little investment

  • The number of fan revolutions in the case of tests with LHP was lower than with a standard cooling system. Under certain conditions - on 40%!

  • With LHP, you can use free-cooling even when it is very hot outside (+ 38-39 C) to work with the heat generated by the processors. This can provide significant capital savings to your server or data center infrastructure.

The obtained results confirm the possibility of using LHP-based systems in servers such as IBM Power S822L. We recommend IBM servers with a cooling system based on LHP to the banking sector, as well as large companies that conduct a large number of calculation per unit of time. For example, to the divisions of Russian Railways.

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