Thercon- LHP participated in the international exhibition INNOPROM-2017 on 10th-13th July, 2017

From 10th to 13th July representatives of Thercon- LHP took part in the international Industrial exhibition INNOPROM-2017 in the city Yekaterinburg (Russia). This year the exhibition theme  was "Smart Production" and Japan was the main partner.

During the exhibition Russian and foreign guests visited the company’s stand and discussed terms of possible cooperation. For example, one of the leading Russian telecommunications companies was interested in technology of loop heat pipes, because LHP could be excellent solution to reduce the cost of telecommunications equipment if it is used as heat output. Japanese delegation expressed interest to cooperation renew for manufacture of loop heat pipes due to the fact that nowadays the technology is  unique  and can be used in different areas  such as data-centers, personal computers, tablets, avionics, power electronics, energy saving technologies, metal cutting tools, manufacturing equipment etc.

Thercon- LHP staff includes professionals with the experience of many years in developing and manufacturing of heat-transfer devices and thermal control systems based on LHP which allows improving and applying the technology according to the needs of each customer.

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