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Thercon has narrated about reduction of data-centers energy consumption at “Data Center Forum-2016”

Thercon-LHP executive director Arkadiy Ivanov presented a report “Reduction of Data-center Energy Consumption: the Application of Passive Heat-transfer Devices in Servers for Heat Recuperation”.

11th annual International Conference “Data Center Forum” took place in Moscow on September 14th 2016. It is one of the significant Russian professional events for those, who design, build and use data-centers. Enormous amount of Russian and global analytics was presented at “Data Center Forum-2016”. More than 700 visitors, 88 reporters, 59 sponsors and partners, 44 exhibitors attended the Forum.


  1. Passive heat-transfer devices are closed systems. They do not require additional energy for heat transfer and can be effectively used for rejecting heat from servers heating components.

  2. External liquid line can be used for the effective utilization of 40% energy, released from servers in data-centers. This energy can be later used for water heating and heating systems.

  3. Loop heat pipes (LHP) use is the most effective way of the processor excess heat utilization and its rejection to the external (liquid) line.

  4. Two-phase heat-transfer devices application in thermal control systems of data-centers servers can provide significant CAPEX and OPEX optimization for data-centers owners.

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