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«Thercon- LHP» and holding group «Russian space systems» signed an agreement about cooperation

«Thercon- LHP» and holding group “Russian space systems” signed an agreement about cooperation at MAKS 2017.

International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS in the city Zhukovsky is one of the leading among the world's largest aviation forums. The main objective of MAKS is to demonstrate achievements of Russian high tech and developments of aerospace companies.

During the salon the company “Thercon – LHP” and holding group “Russian space systems” signed a cooperation agreement about development and supply of trial consignment of thermal control systems for space electronic devices in 2018.

Development and manufacture of effective thermal control systems for electronics in space engineering and ground-based equipment will be made by two-phase heat transfer devices (loop heat pipes). The parties agreed that Thercon-LHP will make calculations and modelling according to Russian space systems inquiry and also create prototype of devices necessary for spacecraft devices. In case of successful completion of proposed solution testing “Russian space systems” would purchase from  Thercon – LHP about 100 thermal control systems in 2018-2019.

In 1972 Russian scientists Yu. F. Gerasimov and Yu. F. Maydanik invented a heat-transfer device, later named “a loop heat pipe”. LHP invention was a response to the aerospace industry demand for highly efficient, safe and compact thermal control systems, capable for working both on Earth and zero-gravity.

Nowadays cooperation with “Russian space systems” is a good chance for “Thercon-LHP” to get necessary experience and additional capabilities for testing created technologies. Long-term cooperation will create additional opportunities to scale production and optimize the economic characteristics of the company's products. After successful implementation of the first phase of the project, the parties have plans to return to negotiations to determine the parameters of cooperation in other projects in the sphere of space engineering, development and manufacture of airborne and ground- based equipment and space information systems.

More information about this or other agreements signed at MAKS-2017

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